In AgroProductos del Turabo, we are dedicated to the cultivation, sale, and distribution of fruits and vegetables. We are the first Puerto Rican company dedicated to agriculture via the hydroponics method, capable of producing 100,000 lettuce heads of the highest
quality, monthly.

Our mission is to offer our customers products of the highest quality. We promote the social welfare of Puerto Rico and help provide food security for the Central and Eastern Regions of Puerto Rico. All of this under our philosophy of sustainability and solidarity. We harvest with the highest quality materials and strict standards of operation, which ensures the freshness of our products.

Our romaine lettuce is 100% cultivated via hydroponics in Puerto Rico, arriving at your supermarket is less time. We offer a product that carries a better nutritional value. Non GMO, no preservatives; our lettuce will remain fresher and crisper for a longer period of time.